Company Profile

TX/communications Canada Inc. designs and manufactures advanced custom digital communication switches and peripherals including battery chargers and fibre optic converters. Focus on this specific field has allowed the development and use of new, advanced technology to provide a superior product. TX products are designed to meet C.S.A., I.C. and F.C.C in addition to having approval from the PTTs in the countries in which they are installed.

The recently released Class 5 ELITE system joins the INFINITY family of Class 4 switches. Present R&D efforts concentrate on Wireless Local Loop based on GSM technology integrated with the large capacity ELITE that can support up to 40,000 lines on a single node.

Corporate headquarters and Research and Development facilities are located in Gormley, just north of Toronto. The R&D staff has been designing communications equipment for over twenty-five years. Manufacturing takes place in Markham and all TX products are Canadian made. A worldwide network of distributors supplies and services the products overseas.

From its inception, the Corporation has maintained a customer driven vision when developing and supporting new technologies. The success of this custom design strategy is clearly shown by the calibre of TX's clients.

TX/communications Canada Inc. is a wholly privately owned Canadian Corporation. It is listed with the Canadian Government's B.O.S.S. and W.I.N.N. systems, the Canadian Trade Index and Dunn and Bradstreet. It is frequently an invited member of Team Canada missions overseas. An indication of TX's success is its nomination by Industry Canada for the Canada Export Award.