TX/communications is pleased to introduce the highly anticipated Class 5 ELITE.  After years of extensive research and development in the area of large communication switches, TX is preparing to release the ELITE to address the need for a large switch providing upwards of 40,000 lines while still offering the benefits and features of the smaller INFINITY TX2400 switches.

Using state-of-the-art technology, TX engineers have been able to minimize the amount of hardware required without affecting performance.  In the same way that the ULI and UDI brought universality to the interface, the Line shelf has been revolutionized.  There is no longer a need for a control shelf and separate line shelves.  Their various functions are all in one shelf, the Universal Line Shelf (ULS) and only one main ULS is required in an entire ELITE system.  Each ULS is totally non-blocking, providing 512 ports with 512 time slots.  It also provides the capability for optional redundancy.  The hardware required for the main ULS includes the minimum of a DC-to-DC converter, a Master Communication Controller (MCC), and a Peripheral Communication Controller (PCC).  The Universal Line Interface (ULI) and Universal Digital Interface (UDI) designed by TX engineers for the TX2400 family have proven so successful that they have been incorporated into the ELITE design.

The system capacity of the ELITE is truly world class.  Each ULS provides 512 ports. By adding 16 ULSs to the main ULS the ELITE can provide 8192 true non-blocking ports in one system.  If more lines are required, this configuration can be repeated to provide over 40,000 lines with concentration. 

Traditionally it has been necessary to employ two systems, one wired and one wireless, to receive the benefits of both types of communications.  The ELITE eliminates the need for two systems by providing both capabilities in one switch.  The wireless technology is GSM based.  

To accommodate connection to PSTN, the ELITE offers the benefit of an OC-3 direct connection without the need for a digital MUX.  This significantly reduces the cost of the system.  TX took the traditional E1 & T1 connection one step further by eliminating the external hardware required for large public applications.  This is accomplished by implementing OC-3 in the system.  Up to 4 OC-3s can be connected to the main ULS.

Once again, TX has produced a powerful, cost-efficient system with unparalleled flexibility and performance.  The next generation is here.


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