Station Sets

Standard rotary dial and Touch-Tone telephones may be used with INFINITY, however, to access some advanced features offered by INFINITY, it is necessary to use a proprietary telephone known as an IFS (ISDN Feature Set).

The INFINTY family of switches provides over sixty features and facilities that, without an IFS, require a special access code. With an IFS, feature or facility selection is made by the push of a button. These sets can be customized by on-site programming to provide each user with the group of features judged most useful by the user. Each feature button is multi-layered and can be assigned with a personal speed dial number in addition to any other feature. Flexibility and extreme ease of use make IFS ideal for executive, secretarial or special answering position stations.

For the secretary program, features include call signaling, call pick-up, busy lamps and single keystroke calling of preselected stations. For special answerers there is a program hunting group features to provide message centre, overflow answerer or call distribution and other features to streamline call answering and processing.


ISDN Attendant Console