The TX2400M is the mid size system of the INFINITY family. The main cabinet has the same capacity of 320 ports as the TX2400MR. Unlike the MR, it can be enlarged with one expansion cabinet to accommodate 640 ports. Because of the compact physical size of the cabinet, it does not support Triplicated Common Control but it does share the hardware and software of the larger INFINITY’s. This combination of size and features makes the TX2400M ideally suited to buildings where space is at a premium or to remote locations. It finds application not only in hotels, offices, factories and apartment buildings but also meets the requirements for a small or medium Rural Exchange.

The Main Cabinet comes equipped with Common Control Processors and Local Processors but without any interfaces cards. Because the line shelf and control shelf are combined, only one shelf per cabinet is required.

The expansion Cabinet comes in its basic form with Shelf Common Control but without any interfaces. It is similar to the Main Cabinet but lacks the SCU, CCU and PPL cards.

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