TX2400S & TX2400MR

Although the TX 2400 S and TX 2400 MR are small when compared to the very large switches in the INFINITY family, this does not detract from their capabilities. In many applications their compact size is a real advantage.

The TX2400S is the smallest of the INFINITYs with a capacity of 96 ports per cabinet and is extremely compact. Despite this, it offers the features and capabilities of the larger INFINITY models. This system is ideally suited for use as a highly automated Rural Switch or Business Exchange for voice and data. Because the "S" is an intelligent system, it is not necessary to compromise on a small system that cannot deliver the desired features.

The TX2400MR employs the same 32 bit RISC processor as the TX2400S and offers the same exceptional features found in the INFINITY family. The "MR" is larger, however, and has the same cabinet size and 320 port capacity as the TX2400M Main Cabinet.

The "S" Cabinet and the Main Cabinet of the "MR" consists of a DC to DC Converter and a Main Control Unit (MCU) but do not include the interfaces. The MCU provides all the computing and processing provided by the Main Shelves in the other INFINITY models. As with the other INFINITY systems, both the TX2400S and the TX2400MR systems can be networked by Digital R2, SS7, and E&M. The distribution of facilities in such a unified transparent network reduces costs by eliminating the need for long subscriber lines.

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