TX2400XL & TX2400L

he TX2400XL and TX2400L are the largest of the INFINITY TX2400 series of switches. The extensive features, capabilities and size make these systems suitable for small Central Offices, large Rural Switches or large private applications such as offices, banks, hospitals and universities.

Each cabinet of these models has a capacity of 1280 ports. At full capacity, the TX2400L consists of one main cabinet and one expansion cabinet. The cabinets of both models are physically identical to each other and provide all the features and capabilities found in the INFINITY family of switches.

The Main Cabinet consists of a Control Shelf and one Line Shelf, The Control Shelf can be equipped with optional triplicated back up processors and duplicated common control units. The Main Cabinet can accommodate the addition of 3 optional Line Shelves to provide a total capacity of 1280 ports in one cabinet. Line Shelves do not include interfaces. By adding one expansion cabinet, the TX2400L’s capacity increases to 2560 ports. The TX2400XL’s capacity increases to 3840 ports when two expansion cabinets are added to the "XL" Main Cabinet. In each case, no additional software is required when expanding INFINITY switches. The Main Cabinet is equipped with software for both minimum and maximum capacities.

The Expansion Cabinet comes in its basic form with an Expansion Control Shelf which provides one Expansion Buffer. If the optional Triplicated Common Control is used in the Main Cabinet, an optional Expansion Buffer should be used in the Expansion Cabinet. The Expansion Cabinet can accommodate up to 4 line Shelves providing 1280 in each fully loaded Expansion Cabinet.

When sixteen unified nodes (one node consists of one Main and two Expansion Cabinets) are connected together as a large node, INFINITY can provide up to 61,440 ports in one location or it can provide 16 different locations with nodes of various capacities to accommodate a Central Office. This distribution of facilities, which is a feature of all INFINITY switches, eliminates the need for long subscriber loops, thus reducing costs. This configuration also reduces the risk of complete network failure. Digital or Analog R2, SS7 or ISDN can connect these transparent unified networks.

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