Universal Digital Interfaces

The Universal Digital Interface (UDI) provides digital communications based on the same flexible design as the Universal Line Analog Interface. This unparalleled flexibility means that a single UDI Main Board can accommodate several digital modules, thus eliminating the need for a separate main board for each function. This saves on excess parts and expense and allows the customer to "mix and match" in order to meet his needs in the most efficient manner.

Universal Line Interfaces

With the introduction of Universal Analog Line Interfaces (ULI) TX/communications has become the first communications company to offer a superior level of customization. TX designers brought a new flexibility, not just to the system, but right to the interface. A single ULI main Board can accommodate up to sixteen different module types in any short or long haul application. This advance allows the user to add required modules at a much lower cost than buying an entire circuit pack for one function.

The transmission performance of all the modules complies with Bellcore, ITU and EIA-464 specifications. Signaling is in compliance with ANSI standards. All modules employed on the ULI card offer full secondary protection from lightning and powercross as per FCC, UL and IC requirements.