TX/communications is pleased to introduce the highly anticipated Class 5 ELITE system. After years of extensive research and development in the area of large communication switches, TX has released the ELITE to address the need for a large switch providing upwards of 40,000 lines while still offering the benefits and features of the smaller INFINITY TX2400 switches.


TX2400XL & TX2400L

The TX2400XL and TX2400L are the largest of the INFINITY TX2400 series of switches. The extensive features, capabilities and size make these systems suitable for small Central Offices, large Rural Switches or large private applications such as offices, banks, hospitals and universities.


The TX2400M is the mid size system of the INFINITY family. The main cabinet has the same capacity of 320 ports as the TX2400MR. Unlike the MR, it can be enlarged with one expansion cabinet to accommodate 640 ports.

TX2400S & TX2400MR

Although the TX2400S and TX2400MR are small when compared to the very large switches in the INFINITY family, this does not detract from their capabilities. In many applications their compact size is a real advantage.

TX2400MR 19" Rack Mount *new product*

This newly released INFINITY MR 19" cabinet has a capacity of 256 ports per shelf. When only one shelf is used, all the hardware and software are the same as used in the INFINITY MR 24".

Universal Line Interface & Universal Digital Interface

With the introduction of Universal Analog Line Interfaces (ULI) TX/communications has become the first communications company to offer a superior level of customization. TX designers brought a new flexibility, not just to the system, but right to the interface.

The Universal Digital Interface (UDI) provides digital communications based on the same flexible design as the Universal Line Analog Interface. This unparalleled flexibility means that a single UDI Main Board can accommodate several digital modules, thus eliminating the need for a separate main board for each function.


TX/communications is proud to announce voicemail for central office and other applications. The voice mail card allows the user to retrieve his/her voice messages through email.

ISDN Attendant Console

The attendant console is a desktop unit that functions as the main answering position for the INFINITY system. Attendants can process calls quickly and professionally, even during heavy call traffic, with all the information required right at their fingertips. Clearly legible LCD’s and easily operated keys increase efficiency.

Station Sets

Standard rotary dial and Touch-Tone telephones may be used with INFINITY, however, to access some advanced features offered by INFINITY, it is necessary to use a proprietary telephone known as an IFS (ISDN Feature Set).


Fiber Optic Converter

CMS/Call Accounting

   Typical Configuration

TX/communications offers a variety of products including:
  • ELITE solutions
  • INFINITY solutions
  • Software & Hardware packages